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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Prix De La Photographie 2012 Medalist

I've just been informed that two of my images have been placed in Silver & Bronze position for Best Landscapes "Seasons" and I'm ecstatic about this!! The Images were "the Prettiest Path"(aka Bluebell Wood) & "A Bright New Morning" (aka 'Tree of Life'). Along with 'treasured' recognition, I receive a Certificate Winners Seal, a personalized press release and my images will also be published in the Px3 Annual Book. The Images will also be exhibited in Paris & L.A........WOW....a lot to take in!!!
This is a competition I've being admiring for years, from a distance I might add, waiting for the right opportunity to step into the room and be judged by the greats of the industry. It'll be awhile before I come down from up here.......!!!!!  

Any commissions from now on needs to go through my agent    ;o)))))

See the placements on the link below:

By the way the peoples choice competition (below) will close later this month so if you haven't voted already please do if you can.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!


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