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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bluebell Wood

I love it when spring arrives bringing the common Bluebell with it.
In Greek Mythology it is said that this flower sprang up from the blood of the dying prince Hyacinthus. 
I would happily stay for the day capturing different angles of these beautiful woodbells!! :o)

"2012 Prix De La Photographie Silver Medal Winner"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Bog Man

An attempt to recreate somewhat the style of Andrzej Dragan, a Polish photographer with a PhD in Quantum Physics you can check him out at http://andrzejdragan.com/ Very Macabre!


My what style this girl has....


It was Cora's first time on a photoshoot. You would never think it. The camera loves her!!

New York City

I love NYC! And have a lot of unfinished business there. Here are a few images from my last visit. I'll be back...soon :O)

St. Fin Barres Cathedral, Cork

St. Fin Barre established a monastery here in c.AD.606. Eleven churches have been here since then; since the 12th Century, which saw the arrival of the Normans in Ireland, these have been cathedrals. The present cathedral is the third after a mediaeval Norman and an 18th century neo-classical building both of which have been demolished.

I have alway been fascinated by the architecture of this cathedral and wanted to capture it's statuesque presence in a way i have never seen before. It is no accident that the Crawford College of Art set up shop long ago in the shadow of this fine cathedral. Being a big fan of both Gregory Crewdson & Tim Burton i'm sure you can see traces of their influences in this capture. 

St.Finbarrs Oratory at Gougane Barra, Co.Cork

It was a rough morning with driving wind and rain i waited for 4 hours at Gougane Barra as the weather forecasters had predicted that the weather would clear up at some stage but with sporadic outbursts. I literally had 5 minutes to capture these images. As broadcasted the mist had lifted from the valley taking the rain with it and the wind had died down for only a matter of minutes. Waiting around enabled me to be prepared and i was very happy with the results.