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Friday, December 16, 2011

Catriona & Kevin

I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to shoot Catriona & Kevins big day. Trust is a very important thing for the photographer & model (in this case "the Bride") to have in order to achieve the best results. I could have posted many others but just settling on these five images, portraying Catriona in beautiful elegance with in a classic old world setting making my job very easy. Of course Kevin was handsome too!! Thank you guys!!! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Tree of Life

"2012 Prix De La Photographie Bronze Medal Winner"

The Japanese Maple tree is one of those trees that is never more beautiful than when it sheds its foliage. This version laid a beautiful cerise carpet in the grounds of Blarney Castle on a fresh autumn morning. When i set out Blarney itself was covered by a foggy blanket. Being from the area and knowing that the autumnal sun would eventually burn through, i set up my camera & tripod and waited patiently. Definitely worth waiting for!!!      

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Idle Tower

An image of Irelands wonderful foolishness. The Elysian Tower is the country's tallest building, constructed during the 'tail' end of the Celtic Tiger era at a cost of €150million, boasting 211 luxury apartment within a price range (in 2008) of between €375k & €2 million. It is a constant reminder to not only the Cork people but internationally of how the upper echelons of our society lost the run of themselves. As they say a picture speaks a thousand words!!

The Night Blue

Taken well past sundown at Myrtleville, Co.Cork, an exposure of 160 seconds moved the sea to an idyllic and peaceful calmness. If you look closely you will notice two moving lights on the horizon which were that of Irish Naval vessels patrolling the area.


What a cutie Hannah is!! She changed her pose every time she heard the camera click. She's a real natural! Taken during a family portrait session in a field of rolled bales of barley straw. It was great fun. :o)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The River Lee

It's nice to get up early and seem like the only one strolling around Cork. It's like the City is mine if only for a moment. I managed to capture the sunrise as Corks favourite river flows into the second largest natural harbour, in this little World of ours!!
This image was published in an article entitled "The Cork Quays" by specialist magazine "Sea Breezes".

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Beginning

Torc Waterfall is situated in the heart of Killarney National Park, Co.Kerry and contributes to the Owengarriff River which flows into Muckross Lake. I am fascinated by waterfalls however big or small and the power of the flow as it carves its way through the landscape continuously over hundreds of years. My interest is only amplified when i come across beautiful Landscapes such as this!!

The Twelve Apostles, Inch Strand, Co.Kerry

This image captured by pure chance (a few years back) and "the Twelve Apostles" as i like to call them were all walking into the November Sunset. With a 300mm Lens and quick shutter i managed to capture a sharp silhouette of the group. I still look at the picture today and am amazed as to how comfortable this group were with one another to behave in such a manner. Obviously Great Friends!! :o)

I was very honored to have National Geographic publish this image in their October 2008 issue. Funny to think that this picture was printed over 8.5million times?!! Thanks NG

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Ring Wood

Fairy rings occupy a prominent place in European folklore as the location of gateways into elfin kingdoms, or places where elves gather and dance. I've been watching this Ring Wood (which is within a stones throw of my home) for quite some time now and for the right moment to capture this mythical element in all its glory. Trying to emphasize the mystical point i composed the Wood at the lower third with a powerful skies behind giving the Wood an almost ethereal presence giving the myth food for thought!!?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Toormore, County Cork.

One of my favorite places to visit is West Cork. A lovely tranquil countryside complimented by the very friendly local people. Here you can encounter dramatic landscapes at every turn especially when you are on the edge of a major weather system. Check out my following images and note that these pictures were captured all within 30 minutes of nightfall with a storm brewing!!! Goose pimples all over :o)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bluebell Wood

I love it when spring arrives bringing the common Bluebell with it.
In Greek Mythology it is said that this flower sprang up from the blood of the dying prince Hyacinthus. 
I would happily stay for the day capturing different angles of these beautiful woodbells!! :o)

"2012 Prix De La Photographie Silver Medal Winner"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Bog Man

An attempt to recreate somewhat the style of Andrzej Dragan, a Polish photographer with a PhD in Quantum Physics you can check him out at http://andrzejdragan.com/ Very Macabre!


My what style this girl has....


It was Cora's first time on a photoshoot. You would never think it. The camera loves her!!

New York City

I love NYC! And have a lot of unfinished business there. Here are a few images from my last visit. I'll be back...soon :O)

St. Fin Barres Cathedral, Cork

St. Fin Barre established a monastery here in c.AD.606. Eleven churches have been here since then; since the 12th Century, which saw the arrival of the Normans in Ireland, these have been cathedrals. The present cathedral is the third after a mediaeval Norman and an 18th century neo-classical building both of which have been demolished.

I have alway been fascinated by the architecture of this cathedral and wanted to capture it's statuesque presence in a way i have never seen before. It is no accident that the Crawford College of Art set up shop long ago in the shadow of this fine cathedral. Being a big fan of both Gregory Crewdson & Tim Burton i'm sure you can see traces of their influences in this capture. 

St.Finbarrs Oratory at Gougane Barra, Co.Cork

It was a rough morning with driving wind and rain i waited for 4 hours at Gougane Barra as the weather forecasters had predicted that the weather would clear up at some stage but with sporadic outbursts. I literally had 5 minutes to capture these images. As broadcasted the mist had lifted from the valley taking the rain with it and the wind had died down for only a matter of minutes. Waiting around enabled me to be prepared and i was very happy with the results.